Recent Projects:

Photo courtesy of Micro Art Space

Early this year I did a two-week residency at Micro Art Space in Cleveland, Ohio.  The residency ended with a solo exhibition entitled Forest City Armada.  I arrived in Cleveland with drawings and minimal tools, everything in the exhibition was fabricated in about ten days.  Part of the idea for the residency was that I would work with locally sourced materials.  I reclaimed all the cardboard and wood in the piece from alleyways and recycling bins within a mile of the studio.  The truss structure on the floor is shaped like the Cuyahoga River as it snakes its way through Cleveland.  The five boats that travel along the river represent the history of Cleveland, from its powerful industrial past to its forward-looking present.  Each of the boats carries a sinuous Sycamore tree (one of Cleveland's nicknames is "The Forest City").  I saw many majestic Sycamores every day on my trip to the studio.  The piece was well-received and over 500 people attended the opening of the exhibition. 

Special thanks to Michelle Marie Murphy for giving me the chance to do the Micro Art Space residency.